Top 5 Fast Growing Fruits in India

Highbush blueberry is a native shrub that grows 6-12 feet tall and has an upright stance and a crown-like form. Its twigs are yellow-green, turning reddish in winter, and dotted with tiny warts.
Raspberries thrive in well-drained soil and require cold winters and cool springs. They are available in summer and fall-bearing types and vigorously spread via runners.
Blackcurrants typically ripen in July. By selecting varieties thoughtfully, one can start picking as early as late June and extend the season through August, achieving a six-week harvest.

Strawberries take 60 to 90 days for a plant to mature from a seed to a delicious berry. The duration of the developing phase depends on the growing conditions one creates.

Rhubarb thrives in the Himalayan region of India. Opt for an early variety like 'Timperley Early' and select a robust, healthy plant. Once the stalks emerge, monitor them closely as they grow rapidly.
Fig trees can reach 30 feet and bear fruit in 3-4 years. They start fruiting after 2 years and yield commercially by the third. Figs offer vitamins A and K, plus fibre.
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