Top 5 Fast Growing Fruit Trees in India

Papaya, known as Carica papaya, grows 20-25 feet tall and gives sweet fruits in 9-11 months. Harvest when the papaya is half yellow to prevent splitting by birds and flies.
Bananas, known as Musa, take about a year to harvest and grow in humid tropics, growing in hanging clusters. The sweet, fibre-rich fruit is ready when the top turns yellow-green and becomes plump.
Guava takes 1-3 years to harvest; seed-grown trees may take 2-6 years. Known for its sweet taste and aroma, guava is enjoyed raw or as chutney in Indian homes.
Sitafal, ready in 2-3 years, offers a creamy, aromatic fruit with cholesterol-free pulp rich in vitamin C, iron, manganese, and potassium. Enjoy it raw or in smoothies and ice cream.
Peaches take 2-4 years to grow, some bearing fruit in just one year. Pruning limits height, and planting two varieties that flower together results in fragrant, yellow-to-white fruits.
Figs, harvested in 2-3 years, have juicy rinds and crunchy seeds. Rich in iron and antioxidants, they can help treat iron deficiency and support blood sugar and pressure management.
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