Top 5 Farming Tips Farmers Earn Extra Money

Farmers can adopt many farming techniques to obtain a healthy yield, which result in higher profits. Also, new farming techniques are beneficial for a sustainable ecosystem.
This type of farming defines cultivation of multiple crops in a single crop field. In this farming technique, a crop is planted on the top of an existing crop.
In Permaculture, the agricultural ecosystems are designed for sustainability and self-sufficiency. This farming technique focuses on naturally increasing farming productivity.
Farmers can adopt Zero Budget Natural Farming, due to many benefits. This farming technique aims to grow crops without any pesticides, fertilizers or any external mediums.
Biofloc Fish Farming is a beneficial aquaculture technique in which the aquatic living beings are provided food by the microorganisms situated inside water vessels.
In Hydroponics, the crops are produced in a nutrient rich solution instead of soil. The growing medium in this technique includes vermiculite, perlite or coconut coir.
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