Best 5 Exotic Fruits To Must Try

Dragon fruit is exotic because it has vibrant pink or yellow skin and is sweet in taste. Also, it contains many tiny black seeds, and it has a refreshing taste.
Mangosteen is exotic for its unique purple outer shell. It has a juicy and sweet white pulp inside. The demand for this exotic fruit is high due to its lip-smacking taste.
Kiwano is an exotic fruit to must-try as it has spiky orange-coloured skin. At the same time, it has a zesty, cucumber-like flavour, which makes it a refreshing choice.
Golden berries are small and have a golden-orange colour and a sweet-tart taste. This makes it an exotic fruit to try. Also, it adds a burst of flavour to your palate.
Buddha's hand fruit is exotic for its finger-like yellow parts and has an intense citrus fragrance. This makes it an aromatic fruit with a high demand in markets.
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