Top 5 Exotic Flowers in India - Types of Exotic Flowers

Types of Exotic Flowers in India are Ganges Primrose, Orchids, Bird of Paradise, Water Hyacinth and Peace lily. These flowers are rare in India and are aesthetically pleasing.
The Ganges Primrose is a delicate flowering plant belonging to India, popular for its striking pink to purple blossoms. This is one of the eye-catching exotic flowers.
Orchids grace India with their diverse and vibrant flowers, adding elegance to their rich flora. This exotic flower is demanded all over the country due to its aesthetic appeal.
The Bird of Paradise flower brings a touch of exotic beauty to the country with its distinctive and vividly colourful appearance, and its structure resembles a bird.
Water hyacinth, an attractive aquatic flower in India, decorates water bodies with its green leaves and lavender blooms, making it a popular exotic flower to grow.
The Peace Lily thrives in India, showcasing its elegant white blooms. This exotic flower has glossy green foliage, making it one of the most attractive flowers aesthetically.
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