Top 5 Popular Eicher Tractor Models in India

Eicher manufactures top-class tractor models ranging from 18 Horsepower to 60 Horsepower in India. These models give excellent performance in every agricultural operation.
Eicher 380 tractor model comes with a 40 Horsepower engine and 1650 Kg hydraulic lifting capacity in India, providing best-in-class fieldwork with efficiency.
Eicher 241 is a well-reputed agricultural tractor model with a 25 Horsepower engine and a 4-stage oil bath-type air filter. It generates 21.25 HP of Take-Off power.
The Eicher 548 tractor produces 2150 RPM with a 49 HP engine. Also, the partial constant mesh transmission helps in easier operation with a live, 6-splined shaft PTO.
There is a 28.04 HP Take-Off Power generating engine in the Eicher 333 with a combination of constant and sliding mesh transmission. It is priced at Rs. 5.45 - 5.70 lakh in India.
Eicher 242 is a power-packed tractor, and it has a single-cylinder 25 Horsepower engine. The price of this excellent Eicher tractor is Rs. 4.05 - 4.40 lakh in India.
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