Top 5 Dry Fruit Varieties in India - Dry Fruits Name

The health benefits Dry Fruits are beneficial for weight loss, maintaining healthy skin, protection from cancerous cells, keeping the heart healthy and curing anemia with boosted hemoglobin.
Pista is loaded with antioxidants and has significant amounts of Vitamin E. As a result, Pistachios are helpful for keeping the heart healthy and keeping you full.
Almonds are full of essential oil, beneficial for the proper functioning of bones. However, Almonds can be consumed raw or roasted as per convenience for health benefits.
Cashews Filled with vitamin B6, magnesium and protein, Cashews have a creamy texture. As a result, this dry fruit has high demand due to its taste and different health benefits.
The consumption of Figs or Anjeer offers a better quality of sleep. At the same time, Anjeer reduces stress levels by boosting Serotonin in the body, leading to a sharp mind.
Raisins are basically dried grapes helpful for a good digestion. Also, raisins improve the fat burning ability of the body while curing anemia by increasing hemoglobin.
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