Top 5 Different Types Orange in India

Nagpur oranges are considered the best in India because they are sweet, tangy, and have a great taste. The special climate and soil in Nagpur make these oranges unique and of high quality.
Nagpur Orange, known as the "King of Oranges," is a prized citrus fruit from Maharashtra, India. It is celebrated for its exceptional sweetness, rich flavor, and vibrant color.
Kinnow orange, a Mandarin hybrid from Punjab and Haryana, grows in the cool winter climate. Known for its sweet, tangy flavor, Kinnows are popular for fresh consumption and juicing.
Khasi blood orange comes from Meghalaya. It features a deep red flesh and has a sweet and tangy flavour. Khasi oranges are coupled with rich undertones and deliver a memorable culinary experience.
Mudkhed Orange, grown in Maharashtra, is known for its sweet and tangy taste, which is influenced by the local soil and climate. These have a vibrant orange colour, making them visually attractive.
This powerful fruit provides more than a quarter of the Daily Value (DV) for vitamin C, crucial for skin health, wound healing, and a strong immune system. Fresh Mandarin Oranges imported from South Africa.
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