Top 5 Different Types of Coffee Beans

Sip on coffee (3-4 cups/day) for health perks! It may reduce diabetes and certain cancers. Plus, it can uplift mood, focus, and sports stamina. Pregnant women should consult before coffee intake.
Arabica beans offer a smoother, sweeter taste with hints of fruit, chocolate and caramel. They're less bitter due to lower caffeine and more acidity, making them a delightful choice for coffee lovers.
Robusta coffee comes from Africa's Coffea canephora plant. It's super bitter and perfect for instant coffee or espresso. It's also a common filler in some ground coffee blends.
Liberica coffee beans are big, shaped like teardrops, and smell like flowers and fruits, kinda like jackfruit. They're larger than Arabica and Robusta beans.
Excelsa coffee beans have a unique taste, often described as fruity, woody, and earthy. Grown in Southeast Asia and India, it's prized for its exceptional flavor.
A cappuccino, a popular coffee choice, usually has one, two, or three shots of espresso mixed with hot milk and foamed milk. It's usually made using an espresso machine.
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