Top 5 Different Types of Basmati Rice

Pusa Basmati, known for its aroma and taste, is beloved in India. Varieties include Pusa Basmati 1692, 1121, and 1718. It's heart-healthy and low-fat, suitable for celiac disease.
Super Kernel Basmati Rice has been harvested in Pakistan for over fifty years. It stands out as the only variety offering world cuisines a unique texture, taste and contemporary flavours.
Golden Sella Basmati Rice is parboiled to retain nutrients, then steamed and dried for easy cooking. Each golden grain separates perfectly, ensuring a delightful texture and flavor in every dish.
Creamy Sela Basmati Rice is a parboiled variation of 1121 Extra Long Grain Basmati rice. It's known for its light colour and distinct cooking method, resulting in a unique texture when cooked.

As the name suggests, this type of Basmati rice features exceptionally long grains. It elongates even further when cooked. It's prized for its elegant appearance and delicate texture.

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