Top 5 Different Grapes Varieties In India

Grapes offer health benefits like antioxidants for heart health, vitamins for immunity, and hydration due to their high water content. They're also versatile for snacks or in dishes.
Thompson grapes are round or slightly oval, growing in tight or loose clusters. They have yellow-green to bright green skin, crisp and smooth, with pale green, semi-translucent flesh.
Bangalore Blue Grape, also known as Bangalore Blue, is a type of fox grape grown near Bangalore, India. It's among Karnataka's top grape varieties.
Pinot noir is a type of red grape used to make wine. It's called "pinot nero" in some places. The name comes from French words meaning "pine" and "black.
Sharad seedless grapes offer protection against cancer, heart and nerve diseases, Alzheimer's, and infections. They're rich in vitamin A and minerals and benefit vision.
Chardonnay is a green grape used for white wine. It's from Burgundy, France. Now grown worldwide, from England to New Zealand. It's used wherever wine is made.
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