Top 5 Dates Production States in India

Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are the biggest producer of dates in India. These states are responsible for most of the dates produced in the country.
The production of date palms in Rajasthan is rising every year. An area of 906 hectares in Rajasthan is engaged in the production of dates, making it a profitable business.
Gujarat is another major producer of dates in India. This state is famous for producing high-quality dates in Kutchh on 18,286 hectares, with higher profits for farmers.
Maharashtra in India grows a huge amount of date palms, which has a contribution to the nation’s overall date yield. Many farmers of Maharashtra are turning to date farming.
Dates production is one of the major agricultural practices in Tamil Nadu. This Indian state has the ideal agro-climatic conditions for the commercial production of date palms.
Kerala is also a major producer of dates in India. The cultivation of dates in Kerala is responsible for a huge chunk of the country’s overall production of date palms.
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