Top 5 Custard Apple Production States in India

Maharashtra is the largest producer of custard apples in India. The state has the ideal conditions for the commercial production of custard apples with higher profits.
Aurangabad is the major region for cultivation of custard apples in Maharashtra. The production of custard apples in Maharashtra is 93,000 tons, making it a profitable business.
Around 241.65 hectares is engaged in custard apples farming in Rajasthan. This state produces more than 1481.49 metric tons of custard apples, leading to profitable income.
Orissa is another major producer of custard apples in India. The popular region for growing custard apples in Orissa is Rayagada, which is known for its high-quality yield.
The major custard apple cultivation regions in Karnataka are Bengaluru Rural, Chitradurga, and Tumkur. Custard apple production is a profitable business in Karnataka.
Custard apple season in Telangana is from August to October. However, the Mahbubnagar district is famous for large-scale cultivation of custard apples in Telangana.
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