Top 5 Custard Apple Producing States in India

Custard apple, also known as Annona, is mostly found in tropical and subtropical regions of India. Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Orissa are some of the key custard apple-producing states in India.
Maharashtra is the leading producer of custard apples in India. The state cultivates 120.88 tonnes of custard apples annually. This quantity accounts for 31.20% of the country’s total production.
Next on our list, Rajasthan cultivates custard apples on around 241.65 hectares of its land. With an annual production of 1481.49 metric tonnes, the state contributes 1.19% of overall cultivation.
Orissa is another major custard apple-producing state, accounting for 1.53% of the country’s total cultivation. The Rayagada region of Orissa is popularly known for its high-quality cultivation.
The cultivation of custard apples is a profitable business in Karnataka. The regions of Bengaluru Rural, Chitradurga, and Tumku are the major producers of custard apples in the state.
Telangana stands out in custard apple production, with a significant annual cultivation of 16.13 tonnes. The state contributes a share of 4.16% of the country’s total output.
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