Top 5 Creeper Plants in India

Climbing plants have slender stems and fragile leaves, needing support like trellises or stakes to grow up. They enhance gardens by covering walls with foliage.
Bougainvillea, a common climbing plant in India, bursts with colourful blooms when trained on walls. It requires minimal upkeep but needs regular pruning due to its fast growth.
Rangoon creeper, or Madhu Malti, is a fast-growing vine that adds colour to gardens. It needs little care and can be trained to climb walls or structures for pretty pink and white flowers.
Morning glory, also known as Ipomoea tricolor, is a fast-growing annual climber with heart-shaped green leaves. It produces beautiful, colourful flowers on twining stems but is sensitive to frost.
Named for its curtain-like growth, this climber is great for balcony privacy screens. Though it needs support, it's easy to grow at home and adds grace with its delicate branches.
Star jasmine, though not a true jasmine, shares similar traits and blooms with pretty white flowers. It's easy to grow and low-maintenance, making it a star in your garden.
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