Top 5 Cotton Producing States in India 2023

Do you know India has evolved into the largest producer of cotton globally? 10.31 million hectares of cotton cultivation are cultivated every year in India.
Gujarat leads cotton production in India with 85.5 lakh bales in 2022-2023, contributing to 29% of the country's total output. Favourable climate, soil, and modern techniques support its growth.
While facing challenges like rainfed cultivation, pest issues, and high input costs, Maharashtra stands as the second-largest contributor to India's cotton production at 22%, with a production of 65 lakh bales in 2022-2023.
Telangana ranks third in cotton production, with 50 lakh bales in 2022-2023, contributing 17% to India's total. It benefits from a semi-arid climate, irrigation facilities, and farmer awareness.
With 20 lakh bales of cotton produced in 2022–2023, Andhra Pradesh ranks fourth in cotton output overall in India. Both long-staple and short-staple types are grown there.
Haryana ranks fifth in cotton production, with 18 lakh bales in 2022-2023, contributing 6% to India's total. It focuses on predominantly irrigated cultivation of medium staple cotton.
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