Best 5 Tractor Combine Harvesters In India

A combine harvester is a useful machine in commercial-scale farming activities. It separates the crop grains from the stalks to collect them for further processing.
Mahindra MSI 457 3A is a powerful combine harvester with a four-stroke water-cooled, direct injection, 57 HP diesel engine which has 4 cylinders to offer high performance.
Shaktiman Paddy Master 3776 is a top-class combine harvester with a 4-cylinder, 4009 CC engine that gives a rated power of 76 horsepower for hassle-free harvesting.
The Fieldking Multi crop harvester can be used to carry out harvesting activities for multiple crops. It has an 87-98 HP with a self-propelled track ensuring efficiency.
With a powerful 101 horsepower engine and 14 feet cutting-width, the Kartar 4000 multi-crop harvester delivers the best performance in every agricultural field.
The Preet 987 is another best-in-class combine harvester with a 101 HP engine and 14 feet cutter bar width. This multi-crop harvester ensures cost-efficient harvesting.
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