Top 5 Coffee Production States in India

Coffee varieties popular in India are Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee. Moreover, the Arabica coffee has a mild taste and the Robusta variety has a strong taste.
Karnataka is the largest grower of coffee in India. This Indian state produces 2.33 lakh metric tons of coffee, and contributes to 70% of the overall coffee production of India.
Kerala is second in terms of coffee production in India, and its annual coffee yield is 67700 metric tons. Moreover, Kerala is famous for growing both the varieties of coffee.
The third largest coffee producing state in India is Tamil Nadu, and its annual coffee production is 17,875 Metric tonnes, which majorly comprises Arabica coffee variety.
With a 7,425 metric tons of per year coffee production, Andhra Pradesh holds fourth place for coffee production in India, and it is popular for the Araku coffee.

The annual coffee production of Odisha is 550 metric tonnes. Moreover, Koraput, Phulbani, Rayagada and Keonjhar are the popular coffee producing regions in Odisha.

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