Top 5 Coconut Varieties in India

Coconut farming is popular across various states in India due to its versatility, economic value, and multiple applications in food, oil, fibre, and medicinal products.
West Coast Tall, a high-yielding coconut variety, thrives in the regions of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu in South India, known for its high yield and resistance to pests and diseases.
East Coast Tall, a resilient coconut variety, is predominantly grown in the coastal regions of Eastern India, recognized for its ability to withstand strong winds and yield plentiful coconuts.
Chowghat Green Dwarf, a prized dwarf coconut variety, is mainly grown in Kerala, South India, and cherished for its sweet water and tender coconut meat, suitable for various uses.
Kera Sankara, a distinctive hybrid coconut variety, thrives in regions where West Coast Tall and Chowghat Green Dwarf coexist, combining high yield and superior quality.
Chandra Laksha, a rare and premium coconut variety prized for its distinct flavour, large size, and ornamental value, thrives in the coastal regions of Kerala and Karnataka.
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