Top 5 Coconut Production States In India

"Coconut State of India," Kerala stands out among the several states contributing to sizable coconut production.

With its tropical climate, fertile soil, and coastal geography, Kerala is renowned for abundant coconut cultivation and accounts for 31.45% of India's total production.

Located in southern India, Tamil Nadu is a significant coconut-producing state with its coastal regions and favourable climate contributing to a production of Coconuts.

Situated along the southeastern coast of India, Andhra Pradesh plays a crucial role in coconut production, being the third largest state with a production of Coconuts.

Renowned for its diverse agricultural practices, Karnataka is a prominent state in coconut production, ranking fourth, taking advantage of its coastal regions and climatic conditions.

Odisha, located on the eastern shore of India, plays a major role in the country's coconut production as the fifth largest state

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