Top 5 Cocoa Producing States In India

This cultivation involves growing cocoa trees for their beans, which are used for making chocolate and other cocoa products. Cocoa is majorly cultivated in the southern region of India.
Andhra Pradesh is a key cocoa producer, with an annual production of 11,400 tonnes. It accounts for 40.3% of the country’s total cocoa production.
This southern state is another significant cocoa producer, contributing 35.7% of the country's overall cocoa production. Kerala cultivates 10,100 tonnes of cocoa beans annually.
The next on our list is Karnataka. The state is responsible for producing 3,900 tonnes of cocoa beans annually. This quantity calculates to 13.8% of India’s total cocoa production.
Tamil Nadu is also one of India's largest cocoa-producing states. This state contributes 10.3% of total cocoa production, with 2900 tonnes produced annually.
Last but not least, Telangana also ranks among Indian cocoa-producing states with its contribution of 2000 tonnes annually to the country’s overall cocoa production.
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