Top 5 Clove Producing States in India

Clove farming involves cultivating clove trees for their aromatic flower buds. These buds, when dried, serve as a popular spice with various culinary and medicinal uses.
Clove farming in Tamil Nadu is flourishing, with ideal climatic conditions supporting the cultivation. Farmers benefit from a robust clove industry, contributing to regional growth.
Karnataka thrives with rich soil and a favourable climate, contributing to a robust spice industry. Farmers cultivate cloves for their aromatic and culinary significance.
Clove farming thrives in Kerala's rich soil and tropical climate, contributing to the state's spice heritage. The aromatic spice adds flavour to global cuisines.
Andhra Pradesh thrives, with farmers cultivating this aromatic spice. The state's climate and soil provide ideal conditions, contributing to successful clove cultivation.
Telangana is thriving, with farmers cultivating this aromatic spice. The region's climate and soil conditions contribute to successful clove cultivation, boosting prosperity.
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