Top 5 Chrysanthemum Production States In India

Maharashtra and Karnataka are the top producers of Chrysanthemum flowers in India. These states cultivate Chrysanthemum flowers commercially for higher profits.
Chrysanthemum flower production in Haryana has gained significant traction due to the state's favourable climate and growing demand for these ornamental flowers.
Chhattisgarh's flourishing Chrysanthemum production is contributing to the state's agricultural diversity and rural economy. Also, it is a profitable business in Chhattisgarh.
Assam Chrysanthemum production showcases the region's rich floral heritage and supports local horticultural livelihoods while generating higher profits for farmers.
Himachal Pradesh's high-altitude Chrysanthemum production benefits from its cool climate, resulting in vibrant and hardy blooms, producing high-quality yields.
Tamil Nadu Chrysanthemum production reflects the states agricultural innovation, and commitment to diverse floral cultivation while contributing to the economy.
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