Top 5 Chilli Production States in India

Green Jwala, Teja, Bhavnagri, Kashmiri and Bhoot Jolokia are the popular chilli varieties in India. Different chilli varieties are used in the Indian household for various purposes.
A land area of 1.77 lakh hectares is engaged in chilli production in Andhra Pradesh. This state produced 4489 kg of chillies from one hectare of land in 2020-21.
Telangana is another popular state for chilli cultivation. The Teja chilli variety of Telangana is highly famous for its spiciness, and it is a major income source for farmers in India.
This state grows chilli as a cash crop with high yields. Khargone is the leading producer of Chilli in Madhya Pradesh, with Kashi Anmol and Kashi Surkh as the popular varieties.
A land area of more than 89,556 hectares is dedicated to chilli production in Karnataka. This Indian state cultivates more than 1.12 tonnes of chillies annually.
NHB stats present the production of 69,000 tonnes of chilli in Odisha during 2021-22. The major chilly-producing areas of Odisha are Ganjam and Sambalpur districts.
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