Top 5 Chiku Production States in India

Chhatri, Cricket Ball, Kalipatti, Dhola Diwani, Baramasi, Pot Sapota and Vavi Valsa are the popular varieties of Chiku in India, and these varieties are highly profitable.
The Chiku production in Andhra Pradesh has a huge contribution in the overall chiku cultivation of India. This is due to the ideal climatic conditions of Andhra Pradesh.
The Chiku production of Gujarat is estimated to be around 500 to 700 tonnes of chiku each day during the maximum production season, which has a duration of 6 months.
Karnataka is another popular state for the commercial production of Chiku. Moreover, the farmers can achieve higher profits when they grow Chiku with proper care.
The average annual yield of Chiku in Maharashtra is 400 to 500 tonnes. Along with this, the popular region for Chiku in Maharashtra is Gholvad, also known as “Chiku Bowl”.
Tamil Nadu has the ideal climate for the large scale production of Chiku in India. However, the Pala variety of Chiku is highly popular in the state of Tamil Nadu.
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