Top 5 Celery Farming Tips in India : Benefits of Celery

There are many types of Celery, some are traditional green Pascal celery and exotic options like Redventure or Tango. You can choose the variety that suits your climate and market demands.
The foundation of a healthy celery crop lies in the soil. To grow celery, you need a Sandy loam to clay, red soil and black soil having proper drainage. It requires a soil pH of more than 5.6.
For celery farming, it requires very much pounded and evened out soil. To carry soil to a great level, 4-5 ploughings are required. Transplantation of celery finished on pre-arranged nursery beds.
From mid-September to mid-October nursery should be prepared as it is a Rabi crop. Transplanting of celery done at a distance of 45 cm x 25 cm.
For weed control, the use of Linuron @6 kg/section of land given. Mulching is likewise a successful method for controlling weeds. Blanching of yield likewise expected to build its flavour.
Light and frequent irrigation required for celery growth. After nitrogen application frequent water irrigation is required for this crop.
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