Top 5 Cauliflower Production States in India

West Bengal is the largest producer of Cauliflower in India. Many other Indian states also grow Cauliflower, which are Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat and Haryana.
West Bengal contributed 21.22% of the total cauliflower production in India in the previous year. This state has 57,000 hectares of land area engaged in Cauliflower farming.
Madhya Pradesh 13.16% of the total cauliflower farming in India. The agro-climate conditions of Madhya Pradesh are ideal for the commercial cultivation of cauliflower.
Bihar Indian state has 65.71 thousand hectares of land dedicated to cauliflower cultivation. The average annual yield of cauliflower in Bihar is around 935.56 thousand tonnes.
Gujarat is another major state in India for producing cauliflower farming. This state has a significant contribution to the nation’s overall production of cauliflower.
Haryana climatic conditions are suitable for large-scale production of cauliflower farming. The farmers of this state are earning profitable income from high-quality yields of cauliflower.
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