Top 5 Carrot Production States in India

Haryana, West Bengal, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are the largest producers of carrots in India. These states have a huge share in India’s total carrot production.
Haryana is known for its fertile lands, which play a crucial role in India's prominent carrot-producing state. It significantly contributes to the overall carrots grown in India.
West Bengal's share extends to the cultivation of carrots, sharing to the state's diverse range of crop produce. Many farmers of this state are engaged in its cultivation.
Punjab, also known as the "Granary of India," not only excels in wheat and rice production but also features a significant carrot cultivation sector for commercial purposes.
Uttar Pradesh has a rich soil and favourable climate which makes it easy for farmers to grow carrots. As a result, it stands as a leading carrot-producing state of India.
Madhya Pradesh's farming productivity showcases the vibrant orange colours of its carrot farms. This makes it a key player in India's overall carrot production.
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