Top 5 Carrot Farming Tips in India

Farmers usually sow carrots in August-September and European varieties in October-November. Maintaining row-to-row spacing of 45 cm and plant-to-plant spacing of 7.5 cm.
Carrots are grown best in loose, sandy soil with a pH between 5.5 and 7.0. They like smooth soil without clumps for straight roots, and heavy soils might make them rough because it affects how the roots grow.
Plant carrots by sowing seeds 1cm deep in rows spaced 15-30cm apart, ensuring germination in about 2-3 weeks. Be patient, as carrot seeds can take some time to sprout.
For carrots, use a fertilizer with less nitrogen and more phosphate and potassium. Before planting, apply 80 kg/ha of granular fertilizer and spread the rest weekly or through fertigation as the plants grow.
Water carrots every 6-7 days in summer and 10-12 days in winter, based on soil type and climate. Don't overwater to prevent misshapen roots and too many tiny roots.
You can harvest carrots 60-80 days after planting when they're about 3/4 to 1 inch thick, showing vibrant colors, and their tops might be popping out of the soil.
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