Top 5 Cardamom Production States In India

Kerala is the leading producer of cardamom in India as this state is considered the land of spices due to the proper availability of favourable climatic conditions.
Kerala grows a huge quantity of cardamom, contributing to more than 58 percent of national cardamom production with an average yield of 15,540 tonnes of cardamom.
The previous year’s elaichi production in Sikkim contributed to 19.77 percent of India’s total cardamom cultivation. Its annual production is more than 4,500 MT.
Nagaland grows about 2,133 metric tonnes of cardamom in India. Nagaland’s elaichi production is practised on more than 3,873 hectares of land, making it an ideal business.
Arunachal Pradesh is well-known for producing large cardamom. The districts of Anjaw and Lower Subansiri are the major producers of cardamom in this Indian state.
Karnataka is another major producer of cardamom in India. Kerala cultivates around 23 percent of the overall cardamom production of the country, making it profitable.
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