Top 5 Capsicum Production States In India

West Bengal is the largest capsicum producing state in India. The agro-climatic conditions of West Bengal are suitable for the large-scale cultivation of Capsicum.
Capsicum cultivation in West Bengal is practised on a commercial scale. The average annual production obtained from capsicum of West Bengal is 31,136.971 tonnes.
Karnataka is a popular state for capsicum production in India. A number of farmers practice capsicum farming in this state due to the availability of an ideal climate.
Haryana is another major capsicum producing state. This state contributes to about 10.49 percent of the total production of capsicum in India, making it a profitable business.
This Indian state is responsible for contributing to 10.10 percent of the nation’s overall capsicum production. Jharkhand cultivates capsicum on a commercial scale for profits.
Himachal Pradesh is the famous capsicum growing state in India. This state produces 8.68 percent of the total capsicum production of India, resulting in higher profits.
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