Top 5 Cabbage Production States In India

From the classic green cabbage to red and savoy, India is one of the diverse cabbage cultivars, catering to different tastes and culinary preferences, fueling the nation's flourishing production.
Jharkhand's fertile lands and favourable climate contribute to its impressive production of 327.19 thousand tonnes. Abundant rainfall and skilled farmers are the key to success.
Haryana yields 333.23 thousand tonnes of cabbage. With progressive agricultural practices and government support, this state thrives as a prominent cabbage producer.
Boasting 348.94 thousand tonnes of cabbage, Uttar Pradesh benefits from fertile alluvial soil and widespread irrigation, maximizing its harvest.
Chhattisgarh's lush forests and well-irrigated fields result in a remarkable 420.37 thousand tonnes of cabbage production. The state's rich biodiversity plays a vital role.
Bihar secures the top spot with an astounding 721.92 thousand tonnes of cabbage. Its industrious farmers, coupled with vast agricultural lands, make this achievement possible.
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