Top 5 Broccoli Production States in India

The broccoli varieties in India are Solan Green, Lucky, KTS-I, Fiesta, Pushpa, Aishwarya and PalamVichitra. These varieties are grown for higher yields and profits.
Broccoli production in Maharashtra is practised on a commercial basis. The markets of Mumbai and Pune districts have the highest demand for Broccoli in Maharashtra.
Himachal Pradesh has the ideal climatic conditions for growing broccoli on a large scale. Many farmers in this state practice broccoli cultivation for higher profits.
The broccoli cultivation in Uttarakhand is practised over a large area of land. It gives a profitable income due to the proper availability of agro-climatic conditions.
Tamil Nadu is a popular state for growing broccoli in India. The famous districts in Tamil Nadu for commercially producing broccoli are Coimbatore, Madurai, and Salem.
Gujarat is known as a significant contributor to the nation’s overall broccoli production. The major broccoli producing cities in India are Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Vadodara.
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