Top 5 Bottle Gourd Producing States in India

Bottle gourd farming is popular due to the vegetable's high nutritional value, versatility in cooking, and ability to thrive in diverse climatic conditions.
With an average production of around 3.5 lakh tons per year, Bihar ranks among India's top bottle gourd production states, with high yields and favourable conditions for cultivation.
Uttar Pradesh leads in bottle gourd production with 8.5 lakh tons annually, offering the potential for profitable farming with an average profit of Rs. 75,000 per acre.
Madhya Pradesh, one of the top 5 bottle gourd production states, boasts significant production volumes and profitable outcomes, contributing to the state's agricultural success.
Haryana, the fourth-ranking bottle gourd producer, yields 351.18K tonnes annually, benefiting from a strong agricultural sector, high-quality produce, and lucrative market demand.
Among the top 5 bottle gourd-producing states, Chhattisgarh yields around 2 lakh tons annually, generating an average profit of Rs. 70,000 per acre.
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