Top 5 Blue Banana Farming Tips in India

The health benefits Blue Banana provides are an adequate amount of iron, thiamine, phosphorus, and Vitamins B6 and C, blue bananas are beneficial for providing essential nutrients in our body.
The plants of blue bananas need longer durations of sunlight. This type of banana is majorly cultivated in tropical regions due to the adequate availability of sun rays.
Blue bananas thrive best with a soil pH level between 5.5 to 7.0 for ideal growth. The soil should contain a sufficient amount of organic matter for higher yields.
Blue banana cultivation, the planting process is carried out through saplings. The stalks coming out of the rhizomes become trunks of the blue banana trees.
Regular irrigation is a must for this type of banana as it requires more water for plant development. Also, the soil should have proper water drainage for blue bananas.
Proper care in blue banana farming, pests and diseases can be eliminated. Different chemicals are required to be sprayed on the plants for caring in Blue banana farming.
After the flowering stage, when the fruits start to appear bluish, we can harvest them. A profitable income can be obtained by farmers by this type of banana cultivation.
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