Top 5 Betel Leaves Production States In India

Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat and Odisha are the leading producers of betel leaves in India. These states grow betel leaves on a commercial scale for higher profits.
The popular areas in Assam for producing betel leaves are Dibrugarh, Darrang and Dhemaji. Betel leaves cultivation is a highly profitable business for farmers in Assam.
Andhra Pradesh has a huge piece of land engaged in the production of betel leaves. In past years, the cultivation of betel leaves in Andhra Pradesh saw a major boost.
Betels leaves are produced in 23 districts of Bihar, contributing to the 4000 hectares of cultivation. Also, the agro-climatic conditions of this state are ideal for cultivation.
Gujarat’s Junagarh district has a place named Chorvad, which solely grows betel leaves. Chorvad is considered a popular hub for the large production of betel leaves.
The betel leaves production in Odisha is 99.765 million leaves, which are grown in 2046 hectares of land area. Production has a major role in exports as well.
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