Top 5 Benefits of Organic Farming in India

Pesticides and chemical usage damage soils, which decreases crop productivity. Organic farming is effective for food security, and it eliminates the use of harmful chemicals.
Organic farming in India provides environmental benefits by improving biodiversity. Also, it reduces water and air pollution and preserves natural resources.
Organic farming in India offers health benefits with nutrient-rich crops which are pesticide-free. It improves overall health and reduces the consumption of chemically grown yield.
Organic farming in India boosts soil health with crop rotation, cover cropping, and the use of organic matter. This improves soil fertility, leading to sustainability.
Organic farming is crucial for sustainable agriculture in India because it conserves natural resources. Also, it helps plants to withstand harsh climatic conditions.
Organic farming in India benefits the economy by creating employment opportunities. At the same time, it improves productivity and helps farmers to make higher profits.
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