Top 5 Benefits of Agriculture Drones in India

Drones help in obtaining a better yield. The benefits of agricultural drones include soil collection, spraying, irrigation, livestock monitoring and better plant care.
Conducting a survey of the field conditions is seamless with agricultural drones as they can depict the potential hazards for the field, which can restrict the growth of the crops.
Agricultural drones prove beneficial for collecting soil samples for testing if the farm is huge. They can quickly collect the soil from different regions on a single field.
Spraying the crops is challenging if they are growing densely. Also, farmers cannot spray evenly throughout a large field, so agricultural drones benefit them for such activities.
To ensure every plant receives water properly, agricultural drones play a crucial role. They can keep the farmers updated about the crops which need more irrigation.
Commercial farms have huge livestock, and when they roam freely for grazing, agricultural drones help keep a count of them, saving the animals from being lost.
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