Top 5 Beans Production States in India - Beans Farming

In India, the largest producer of beans is Gujarat due to the favourable climatic conditions for beans. It has a huge contribution to the country’s overall beans production.
The production of beans in Gujarat was registered at 751,990 tonnes. This Indian state contributed to 29.84 percent of the nation's total production, making it a lucrative business.
Bihar produced 244,550 tonnes of beans in the previous year, which accounted for 9.70 percent of the overall production in India. Bihar was second in India for bean production.
Jharkhand’s beans production is 200,820 tonnes, making it a profitable business for the farmers. This state had a share of 7.97 percent of the total production of beans in India.
The cultivation of beans in Karnataka accounts for 6.62 percent of the total beans produced in India. Karnataka produced 166,760 tonnes of beans last year.
Uttar Pradesh’s beans production was recorded at 162,660 tonnes. This output led to the contribution of 6.46 percent of the total beans production of the country.
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