Top 5 Barley Producing States in India

Barley crops offer numerous benefits, including soil erosion prevention, weed suppression, rotational diversity, livestock feed production, and potential health benefits.
Rajasthan is a well-known barley crop-producing state in India. It is recognised for its extensive barley cultivation and its significant contribution to the country's agriculture.
Uttar Pradesh stands as a notable barley crop producing state in India. It leverages its agricultural prowess to contribute significantly to the country’s barley production.
Punjab is prized for its agricultural expertise and substantial contribution to national barley production in India. Hence, it is known as a barley-producing state in India.
Madhya Pradesh is a leading barley crop producing state in India. It is distinguished by its favourable agro climatic conditions and farm practices, which contribute to growth.
Haryana showcases efficient farming techniques and contributes significantly to the country's barley production. It’s recognised as a prominent barley crop-producing state in India.
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