Top 5 Banana Varieties In India

Banana, a delicious and nutritious fruit, offers a variety of flavours. The sweetest is the fully ripe Dwarf Cavendish is known for its rich, creamy flavour and delightful sweetness.
Dwarf Cavendish, a popular banana variety in India, is known for its small plant size, sweet and soft fruits, and versatility for both table and processing purposes.
Robusta bananas, also known as Bambegreen and Harichal, are highly valued in India for their disease resistance, balanced taste, and large fruit clusters with sweet and aromatic fruits.
The Red banana variety, cherished for its vibrant reddish-purple skin and delicious flavour, is highly sought after in South India, including Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
Nendran bananas, also known as "Kerala bananas," are highly valued in South India for their firm texture and distinct flavour, perfect for frying and traditional Indian dishes.
Poovan bananas, popular in South India, are prized for their sweet taste and delightful aroma, making them a favourite choice for desserts, snacks, and milkshakes.
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