Top 5 Banana Production States In India

An array of banana varieties, including Dwarf Cavendish, Robusta, Grand Naine, Nendran, and Red Banana, contributes to the success of India's top 5 banana-producing states.
The largest banana-producing state in India boasts a production of 5136.2 metric tons (2020-21), with varieties including Grand Naine, Dwarf Cavendish, Red Banana, and Poovan.
Gujarat's favourable climate and advanced agricultural practices have made it a major player in India's banana industry. Popular varieties cultivated include Robusta, Dwarf Cavendish, G9, and Lal Velchi.
Karnataka excels as a major banana-producing state, ranking third in India with a production of 3600 metric tons (2020-21), cultivating Nendran, Elakki Bale, Yelakki, and Grand Naine.
Bihar's significant growth in banana cultivation has made it the fourth largest banana-producing state in India, contributing 3242.797 metric tons with varieties like Malbhog, Chiniya and many others.
West Bengal, India's fifth largest banana-producing state, showcases its potential to meet the country's growing demand for bananas, producing 2529.6 metric tons in 2020-21.
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