Top 5 Banana Producing States in India

India is a leading banana producing country in the world. However, each Indian state has a crucial contribution to the country’s total volume of banana production.
Andhra Pradesh is a major producer of bananas in India. This state produces bananas in more than 25,000 acres of land, resulting in profitable income for farmers.
Maharashtra cultivates around 240 tons of bananas from one acre of land. As a result, the state of Maharashtra has a large number of farmers for profitable banana farming.
The southern region of Gujarat is highly engaged in banana cultivation. However, the annual production of bananas in the Surat and Bharuch districts is 6 lakh tonnes.
According to data, banana production is practised on a large piece of land in Tamil Nadu. Therefore, farmers of this state prefer banana farming as profitable crop production.
Karnataka is also a banana producing state with ideal climatic conditions for banana farming. However, the Kalaburagi district has the highest contribution to banana production.
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