Top 5 Bamboo Production States in India

The state of Assam in India is the largest producer of bamboo. This state has the ideal climatic conditions for commercially growing bamboo leading to higher profits.
Assam cultivates a huge amount of bamboo in India. The famous places for bamboo production in Assam are Cachar, North Cachar Hills, Karbi Anglong, Nagaon and Lakhimpur.
Madhya Pradesh is another major producer of bamboo in India. It has an area of 5.93 lakh hectares engaged in the cultivation of Bamboo, making it a profitable business.
The bamboo production of Maharashtra accounts for a significant contribution to the country’s overall cultivation. Growing bamboo in Maharashtra is beneficial for farmers.
West Bengal is another major producer of bamboo in India. A wide variety of bamboo is grown in West Bengal, making it a popular bamboo-growing state in the country.
Uttar Pradesh cultivates bamboo for social, economic and environmental benefits. As a result, bamboo production in this state has been increasing significantly.
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