Top 5 Bamboo Producing States in India

Bheema Bamboo grows rapidly, up to 1-1.5 feet per day, making it an excellent carbon sink due to its long lifespan and continuous growth without dying.
Madhya Pradesh, a key bamboo producer in India, holds 20.3% of the bamboo area and 12% of the growing stock. Efforts are underway to support bamboo-based industries.
Maharashtra ranks second in India for bamboo production, with over 11,465 sq km across 10 districts. Vidarbha contributes the most, while Konkan is known for Manga bamboo.
Because of its climate and hilly areas, West Bengal is a significant bamboo producer in India. It ranks third after Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, contributing over 10% of India's bamboo resources.
Uttar Pradesh offers ideal conditions for bamboo farming with fertile land and diverse climates. Key districts include Ballia, Sonbhadra, Chitrakoot, and Prayagraj.
Assam excels in bamboo production due to its favourable climate, vast forests, and traditional expertise. Bamboo is integral to Assam's society and economy.
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