Top 5 Avocado Production Countries in The World

Mexico is the leading avocado producer in the world. The Agro-climate conditions of Mexico are helpful for the large-scale production of avocados for higher profits.
Mexico is first in terms of Avocado production. It produced around 2.4 million tonnes of avocados in the past years, and it accounts for 45% of the world’s total production.
Peru is another major avocado producing country in the world. It has the ideal climatic conditions for avocados, leading to a profitable income for farmers in Peru.
Colombia is one of the third largest avocado exporters in the world. According to a specific year, the avocado production of Colombia was registered at 876,754 tonnes of output.
Indonesia's fourth largest lavocado production is 304,938 tonnes of fruits annually. This popular avocado-producing country has a suitable climate and soil for avocados.
Brazil is popular for high-quality avocados. In recent years, the large-scale cultivation of avocados has been improving significantly, resulting in better income for farmers.
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