Top 5 Avocado Producing States in India

Avocado, or butter fruit in India, is grown in southern and western regions due to favourable climates. Its benefits include anti-inflammatory properties, aiding weight loss, promoting heart health, and many more.

Kerala, with its moderate climate and high humidity, is a top avocado producer in India. Wayanad, Idukki, and Kozhikode are notable regions known for growing avocados.
In Tamil Nadu, avocado farming grows in the Nilgiris and Kodaikanal regions due to suitable conditions for avocado trees. Tamil Nadu ranks second in avocado production in India.
The hill station-like climate of Coorg and Chikmagalur districts in Karnataka fosters avocado cultivation, contributing to their production and regional benefits.
Avocado farming's rising popularity makes the state the fourth largest producer. Regions like the Konkan and the Western Ghats are actively involved in avocado cultivation.

Himachal Pradesh, in northern India, is experimenting with avocado cultivation in cooler regions, contributing to its status as the fifth largest avocado producer.

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