Top 5 Ashwagandha Producing States in India

Ashwagandha benefits include anxiety reduction, enhanced cognitive abilities, improved exercise performance, better sperm health and testosterone levels, and enhanced sleep quality.
Rajasthan's arid climate and sandy soil make it ideal for Ashwagandha cultivation. With vast farmlands dedicated to this medicinal herb, the state produced around 400 tonnes in 2020.
Punjab, India's "Granary," boosts Ashwagandha cultivation, utilising its agricultural expertise. In 2020, around 150 tonnes were produced, indicating a focus on agricultural diversification.
Haryana's good land and government support encourage growing Ashwagandha, adding a valuable crop. Around 100 tonnes were produced in 2020, making farming more diverse.
Gujarat's strong irrigation system aids Ashwagandha farming, which is backed by supportive government programs. Estimated 2020 production reached around 200 tonnes, boosting the state's agricultural output.
In Uttar Pradesh, more farmers are growing Ashwagandha because the state has a lot of land for farming. Uttar Pradesh produced about 120 tonnes of Ashwagandha in 2020.
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