Top 5 Arhar Dal Producing States in India

Arhar dal is protein-rich, providing essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre. Ayurveda promotes body lightness and balances pitta and kapha doshas.
Maharashtra leads Tur (Arhar) production in India, with 39.70% of the national output. Its plateau areas provide ideal conditions for cultivating Tur.
Karnataka is a significant producer of Tur (Arhar), accounting for 26.39% of the national output in 2021-22. The state's climate and fertile lands in specific areas are ideal for growing Tur.
Madhya Pradesh plays a big role in India's Tur (Arhar) production, accounting for 14.51% of the national output. Its central location and good rainfall make it ideal for growing Tur.
In 2021-22, Uttar Pradesh produced 8.00% of the nation's Tur (Arhar). Due to its varied climate and farming methods, certain areas in the state are suitable for Tur cultivation.
Telangana contributes 6.84% of the nation's Tur (Arhar) production in 2021-22. The agricultural lands in some districts of the state are well-suited for growing Tur.
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