Top 5 Apple Varieties in India: Different Types Of Apples

Apples have high demand throughout the year, and they generate higher profits for farmers. This makes the apple farming business profitable by growing different varieties.
This apple variety of India has a yellowish colour with slight red patches. Ambri apples are flattened and conical in shape. This apple variety is mainly cultivated in Kashmir.
This apple variety has a blush red colour with smooth skin. Kashmiri apples have superior quality and taste. Also, they have a crunchy texture, offering a refreshing bite.
Shimla apples are known for their popularity and use in a variety of dishes. Shimla apples have varying tastes, between tangy and sweet flavours, with a bit of floral taste.
Anna apples are cylindrical in shape and have medium to large size. They are one of the best apples to be consumed fresh. Anna apples are sweet and sour in taste.
As the name suggests, this apple is indigenous to Nagaland in India. This apple variety has a number of essential health nutrients, and its consumption ensures better health.
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